Jena fucking film from BBC Surprise

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Title: Jena fucking film from BBC Surprise
Description: Let me ask you one question. Do you like exotic, big-breasted brunettes that have DSL’s? And by DLS’s I’m referring to Dick Sucking Lips to all of you over 55, and she also looks like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose with those DSL’s and this describes exactly who’s back today after she absolutely smashed it in her anal casting debut over at my infamous buddy Rick’s black casting couch and meet Jena. That was a lot to say in one sentence, and this 27 year old's debut is titled “From Air Force to Anal,” and it should have been titled From Ass to Mouth because this Milf’s naughty and she sucked Cam’s cock numerous times straight from her ass during that servicing. And let me thank you also honey for your service because it’s hot badass women like yourself who unselfishly put it on the line each and every day so we can enjoy the freedoms, such as artistically filming hot ass women like yourself taking their clothes off and “unbeknownst” to them taking BBC for the very first time, which in all and thanks to your services we’re allowed to publish on the internet for everyone’s perverted pleasure and enjoyment. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of “Happiness” is what it’s all about you see, and for most of us that translates into Fine-Ass-Pussy. Because you see Happiness and Fine-Ass-Pussy are synonymous, interchangeable, and for all intensive purposes means to same thing. Yea happiness . . . and I could use some happiness bouncing or bobbing up and down on my stiff cock right about now. Happiness is also what our Milf by definition experienced over at when she Squirted for the very first time, and if you classify squirting as cumming? Then she technically had her very first orgasm that day and I believe the words she used when referring to Mr. Black Shirt was, “I think I’m in love, and can I take you home with me?” Well you’re back to fuck your new love, or so you think, because we also have something very special and new waiting in the bathroom for you which that happens to have the largest cock, that’s black, attached to him. It’s Isiah Maxwell and his massive black bazooka that surprised our Air Force cadet and she obviously loves surprises. So after the quick introductions and nice to meet you's, Jena was lead to her knees, cock in hand, where Isiah asked how far down her throat the biggest cock she’s ever seen could go? Well she found out at (9:40) that it can go almost all the way and what a good little submissive slut Jena is, but she wants to see if that man meat of a BBC sandwich can fit in her small and tight baby-making factory. “Leave your heels on. I like fucking girls with their heels on first,” commands Isiah, and Jena accustomed to taking orders does as she’s told, and as he thrusts his cock up her at (11:04 and subsequently throughout the entire rest of the scene) she calls out to her higher power and I didn’t know Jena was so religious. But the fireworks between these two really started to explode when Isiah picked her up at (14:04) and began to use that pussy while her legs flailed about before Isiah skillfully bent our high flyer over the vanity counter to take her from behind and I must say Air Force training does a body good. Because the way Jena’s legs look at (16:33, 17:47, and 18:35) will get Isiah prematurely discharged because holy fuck this girl can take a cock. It’s also around this time code (18:36 to be exact) that Isiah tells her that she feels so good and she responds in between gasps for air with, “You’re so good,” while her cum catching eye lashes flutter uncontrollably as she appears to be overwhelmed by such massive manhood. Hot and the rest of this scene is just as scorching as the bathroom sex, and when asked if she was up for a little slut training today at (9:16)? Well she responded affirmatively and, “Yes I am,” because you just fucking know this is all going to end with happy endings. So cheers, safe travels to all, and thank you once again Jena for your service.


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